The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (2024)

That'll do it for me today

By Peter Marsh

Thanks a bunch for waking up early and watching along with me gamers!

That was a fun time.

I hope you've got something to look forward to in your gaming future from today's show. I know my backlog is already crumbling under the weight of new stuff that landed on my To Be Played list.

I'll catch you next time!

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (1)

What Pete liked and missed from Summer Game Fest

By Peter Marsh

As a Persona fan, seeing more details about Metaphor Re:Fantazio has me really jazzed. As if I wasn't already.

If you'd asked me if I'd be excited for a Power Rangers game before the show, I would have told you to get out of my house, it's 6:30am. But that arcade-throwback style has me intrigued.

And Innersloth's new funding initiative for indie games might be my highlight of the whole thing! I love games. I want to play more of them. But the maths ain't working for so many of the people who make them right now.

A new way for the talented people to create the art we all love, AND get paid so they can eat, is a good thing to me.

On the flipside, we were really missing that BIG TIME announcement surprise from any single company. But it's a weird time in the industry right now, so it's not surprising that smaller studios carried the day.

Oh, and no Silksong. It's OK Team Cherry. I want you to take all the time you need. It's fine. Really.

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (2)

Key Event

Your thoughts on the show

By Peter Marsh

Little annoyed there was no mention of Ace Combat 6, I was fully expecting some form of announcements today but nope they flew under the radar again. Hopefully they announce it for a 2025 release date 🤞

- Jenson

Flew ... under the radar ... ? I see what you did there, Jenson.

I'd love to know what you loved and what you missed, folks! Hit that leave a comment button up there and tell me.

And that's it for the show, but what's next?

By Peter Marsh

Quite a bit actually!

Day of the Devs, a one-hour showcase of work from independent game studios is happening right now.

Tomorrow there'll be a showcase of women-led games from 4:30am AEST.

And then on Tuesday the whole thing comes to a close with three big shows from Microsoft, Ubisoft and the PC Gaming Show.

Last game of the show is ... Phantom Blade Zero

By Peter Marsh

We've known about this for over a year now, and it still looks like it's one for the Souls fans! But there's blood. A lot of it.

The new trailer announces a playable demo if you're lucky to be at Summer Game Fest in person.

Time for Monster Hunter Wilds

By Peter Marsh

We've know about the latest entry in the Monster Hunter series for a little bit, but we're getting a new look today.

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (3)

The trailer gave us monsters. And they needed hunting. Which honestly is all I need to commit to another 100hrs.

It's getting a simultaneous release in 2025 across PC, PS5 and Xbox.

Supercell showing us what Clash of Clans money can buy you

By Peter Marsh

And that's an ad for your latest game featuring Ken Jeong, Chris Hemsworth, Will Arnett and Dolph Lundgren.

Key Event

Valorant is coming to consoles

By Peter Marsh

The super-popular tactial shooter from Riot Games is finally making its way to consoles later this year.

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (4)

Tim Robinson is here to introduce a new Skate game

By Peter Marsh

The franchise heir to the Tony Hawk throne is back! We didn't get much of a look at the gameplay ... but we did get an extended and weird Tim Robinson skit (would you expect anything else).

Never doubt the power of the Gen Z meme machine

By Peter Marsh

I was almost certain Killer Bean was a fake game trailer to market the upcoming Deadpool movie.

- DT

For the unitiated, Killer Bean is a series of web shorts from the early 2000s that shot to popularity around 2019 because ... memes.

It's been enough to generate new shots, and as you've found out DT, a whole video game.

And to the Gen Zs out there reading, I respect and appreciate your meme making power, please don't drag my millennial haircut/jeans/socks I'm begging you.

It's Sam Lake! He's dancing!

By Peter Marsh

You think he's stopped dancing since The Game Awards last year? Nah.

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (5)

He's here to announce that critical-darling Alan Wake II will be getting a physical edition soon....and....

Night Springs, three new episodes for Alan Wake II, featuring characters from across the Remedy-verse (is that what we're calling it?).

And it's going to be playable tomorrow.

Lisan al Gaib!

By Peter Marsh

Here's a new trailer for Dune: Awakening, the open world survival MMO that we've known about for a while now.

If you're tired of waiting for Zendaya's schedule to open up so Denis Villeneuve can shoot the next Dune instalment, you can go live out all your spice-induced dreams in Dune: Awakening soon.

And is it just me, or is the Paul we got in the trailer giving us a glimpse into a future where Bradley Cooper got cast as the Atredies that changed the fate of the galaxy instead?

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (6)

How you're seeing the show so far

By Peter Marsh

Disappointing show so far. Only thing that's resonating, is the indie space entering a "human and their animal companion" era? Neva, Deer & Boy looked intriguing.

- DT

Fair enough, DT! We're definitely missing some big hitters with Sony already running a presentation, and Microsoft and Nintendo doing their own things in coming days.

I've kinda loved how it's given us time to look at things outside the AAA space though.

Key Event

Among Us creator announces a new indie game fund

By Peter Marsh

Innersloth, creator of the massive hit Among Us, isn't here to announce a new game ... instead it's revealing a new project call Outersloth.

It's a new fund it has created to help fund up and coming indie games ... all powered by the runaway financial success of Among Us.

And in the trailer of games that have already been funded via the program, there's the Aussie banger Mars First Logistics! Woo!

I've said a couple of times how tough the industry is right now. But how cool to see Innersloth using its success to help fund and find the next indie hit! True crewmates!

Some more on the Batman in Arkham Shadow

By Peter Marsh

The guy voicing Batman is Roger Craig Smith. He’s not filling in for Conroy, he’s reprising his role from Arkham Origins- this VR title is a sequel of sorts to it.Ratcatcher has been referenced a few times in the other games, but only off screen as a villain from Batman’s past.

- Conner

Thanks Conner! Have to admit that Origins is the only one from the Arkham-verse I haven't got around to playing myself.

Some RP-Tea with Wanderstop

By Peter Marsh

Well colour me intrigued.

What started as a colourful, cozy trailer for a game about running a tea shop turned .... darker.

Wanderstop is the latest from the Stanley Parable creators, so we should expect that not all will be as it seems.

Here's Cairn

By Peter Marsh

We've got a survival climber (new genre alert!) game from The Game Breakers. It's called Cairn.

Climbing games are pretty hot right now thanks to viral hits like Only Up. This looks ... way more serious than some of the other offerings we've got so far.

The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (7)

We're halfway through the show

By Peter Marsh

What're you liking so far? What are you still hoping to see?

Hit the blue comment button up there and let me know.

Key Event

Go Go Power Rangers!

By Peter Marsh

POWER RANGERS GAME?! Be still my 90s-kid heart!!

Oh we've got a side-scrolling beat 'em up in the style of the classic TMNT arcade games. And MODE 7 style boss fights?!

Folks, that trailer song alone has me fist-pumping out of my chair. I think it might be Morphin' Time.

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The Summer Game Fest reveals new Harry Potter, Lego and Civilization games — as it happened (2024)
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