How Tall is Markiplier? The Truth About The YouTuber's Actual Height Revealed (2024)

How Tall is Markiplier? Markiplier is between 5 feet 8 inches (1.768 m) to 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) tall.

For the last decade or thereabouts, Markiplier has parlayed his gaming skills and hilarious commentary into becoming one of the most famous personalities on YouTube. His gaming content, animations, sketch comedy, and vlogs have amassed billions of views across platforms. It has also spurned endless and unforgettable memes and the Hawaii native keeps on cashing out with millions of dollars in yearly earnings as well as several ventures including an athleisure line.

Markiplier is indeed a legend in the YouTube game but when it comes to his natural height, he is more down to earth, literally. The college dropout is not exactly on the tall side of life and this is made more obvious by the fact that his two closet work pals are mini giants. Such combination has led to several jokes and memes at Markiplier’s expense but he has good-naturedly accepted all of it, even tweeting the hashtag Shortiplier at some point.

How Tall is Markiplier?

Google officially has Markiplier’s height listed as 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 m. Some have however disputed this stating that the YouTuber is closer to either 5 feet 8 inches or 5 feet 9 inches. If we are to go with the official Google assertion, it will mean that Markiplier is about one inch taller than the average American male as Data from the National Centre for Health Statistics has it that the average American man is 5 feet 9 inches tall (1.75 m). If however, we follow the argument that the YouTuber is closer to either 5 feet 8 inches or 5 feet 9 inches, it will mean that he is either of the same height as most American men out there or is just one inch shorter than them.

It is truly a dizzying prospect figuring it all out but the man at the eye of the storm is not willing to let fans out of their misery. He is rather playing things up even if that will make him the butt of all the short jokes out there.

For instance, back in May 2015, Markiplier took to his Twitter page to admit that he was indeed short, stating that he was actually 4 feet 9 inches and using the hashtag Shortiplier. This was obviously not true but fans still had a field day with it. Some were quite happy to discover that they were taller than the YouTube star while some others described him as cute and adorable. Of course, many knew that the YouTuber was only taking them for a ride and called out his lie.

Are Other YouTubers Like Roomie and PewDiePie Taller Than Markiplier?

Markiplier’s success over the years has been due to the fact that he regularly collaborates with other similar-minded creatives out there, including the likes of PewDiePie who is the No. 1 independent YouTuber in the world. The Hawaii native has also frequently collaborated with the Swedish singing sensation, Roomie, whose channel is dedicated to original songs, covers, and the likes.

When it comes to their respective heights, Markiplier is one inch taller than both Roomie and PewDiePie as they are both 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 m tall.

How Tall is Markiplier? The Truth About The YouTuber's Actual Height Revealed (1)

Are Wade and Bob Taller Than Markiplier?

Beyond collaborating with other YouTube personalities, Markiplier also has two famous sidekicks in the person of Wade (real name – George Wade Barnes) and Bob (real name – Robert Martin Muyskens). Markiplier first became acquainted with Wade while they were in the same high school. Later on, when he picked up part-time work as a bartender, Markiplier became friends with Bob. The trio has since become close pals over the years and Bob and Wade provide the best supporting acts for most of Markiplier’s videos.

Beyond YouTube, the trio can also be spotted hanging out and doing fun things with each other. The three-man gang also works together on a podcast called Distractible. The podcast debuted in May 2021 and sees them shooting the breeze on a variety of random topics.

The friendship amongst these three amigos is one that is quite strong on all levels and as such, they have no problem making fun of each other. Wade and Bob have been known to make some wise quips at the expense of Markiplier’s height and this is because both are 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall, meaning that they tower over their more famous pal.

How Tall is Markiplier? The Truth About The YouTuber's Actual Height Revealed (2)

Who is Taller Between Markiplier and Jacksepticeye?

Another YouTuber that Markiplier has also frequently worked with over the years is the Irish gamer and vlogger, Jacksepticeye. The two have even gone beyond doing videos together and launched the gamer-geared clothing brand, CLOAK, in 2018. CLOAK features hoodies and t-shirts branded with different video games and has proved to be popular for gaming enthusiasts of all races, gender, and body type. The brand has experienced more than 750% growth since its launch and Markiplier and Jacksepticeye keep on smiling to the bank alongside their partners such as Microsoft and Mojang who own the popular Minecraft games.

Ethan, Sean, and Mark at a wedding. Not just any wedding, Molly & Wade’s wedding! Congratulations to them! I’m so happy the day has finally come ❤️ #YouTubers #Markiplier #Jacksepticeye #CrankGameplays #LordMinion777 #MollyAndWade

— MNXE ⍟ (@Mnxeu) May 27, 2018

The two are not resting on their oars though, and are determined to take CLOAK from a minimalist athleisure brand for gamers to a thematic storytelling brand for people who don’t have anyone telling their story. Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are indeed in sync with regards to the plans they have for their brand. When it comes to their height though, Markiplier is lightly taller than Jacksepticeye whose height is put at 5 feet 6.7 inches or 1.73 m tall.

Who is the Tallest YouTuber in the World?

Markiplier may count his subscribers in millions, and his views in billions, but when it comes to the issue of height, he is edged out by a dude who only has about 297k subscribers to his name. That dude is none other than Beau Brown.

Described as the tallest vlogger on YouTube, Brown is 7 feet 1 inch tall and has utilized his height as a college basketball player for South Dakota State University. He has also taken to vlogging via his YouTube channel, BigBeauBrown, and chronicles what life is like for a guy who is quite tall. He also reviews tech products and the likes.

Brown now has nearly 300k subscribers on his channel and has collaborated with the likes of Logan Paul. He has also received some accolades, including a nomination for breakout YouTuber of the year at the 2018 edition of the Shorty Awards.

How Tall is Markiplier? The Truth About The YouTuber's Actual Height Revealed (2024)


How many kids does Markiplier have? ›

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, did not have any children.

How much money is Markiplier? ›

Markiplier has over 34 million subscribers and 19.9 billion total views as of May 2023, making him one of the most successful creators on the platform. As a result, his estimated net worth has reached $38 million.

Does Markiplier still talk to PewDiePie? ›

When asked about why he stopped making videos with streamer Xebax, he stated that people simply don't stay friends forever. He applied the same logic to Markiplier. "We're just not as close as we used to be," PewDiePie admitted about Markiplier.

How much does Markiplier weigh? ›

Weight: 175 lbs.

Is Markiplier half Chinese? ›

Markiplier is half-Asian. He mentioned his mother is Korean. His grandpa fleed to South Korea before the Korean war and had seven children, including his mom.

Is Markiplier Japanese or Korean? ›

His biological mother is Korean and was born on March 21, 1964. She and her parents were originally North Korea, though they left for South Korea during the Korean War. Little is known about her except what is told by Mark himself in his Draw My Life - Markiplier video.

Does Markiplier have any phobias? ›

He has mentioned that he is very afraid of mannequins (automatonophobia) - this is often demonstrated in many of his horror playthroughs. He also stated that he is afraid of dolls, noting their similarities to mannequins.

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